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 Black Sun Applications

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PostSubject: Black Sun Applications   Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:42 pm

(You can also join ICly if you roleplay it correctly and if the current leader of this faction agrees.)
"You walk into the Cantina, you sit down at the bar. Suddenly the man next to you slides a paper infront of you, he asks you to follow him to a more private spot. You follow him to a small table in the corner. He asks you to sit down, so you sit down. He slides a paper over the table to you and he asks you to fill it in. You begin reading it, the paper is full with general questions and agreements about the Black Sun. It's a good offer and you start filling in the empty spaces under the questions."

[b]Out-of-Character Information[/b]
Steam Name:
Steam ID:
Time Spent with our Community?:
Roleplay Experience:
Have you ever been banned or kicked? Explain why.

[b]In-Character Information[/b]
Current medical condition(Any kind of handicap or illness):
Backstory:[/b] (Atleast 80 or two reasonable sized paragraphs words)
Your characters Pro's and Con's:
What type of class/skills do you want to be/have: (Check the Classes/Skills/Grouping board)

By filling in this application, do you agree with following the factions rules and to follow any order given by a higher officer
And do you agree if you do not follow the rules or ignore an order that this may result in a faction kick and character PK?
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Black Sun Applications
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