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 Wookie Clan Roster

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PostSubject: Wookie Clan Roster   Mon Apr 18, 2011 10:47 am


Wookie Roster and Ranks


Dryanta - ThY
2.3 Meters|Black And White Fur Coat|Vision Enhancer on left eye|Large Wooden Knife On Belt with other objects, Bowcaster slung on back. 364 Years of age

Elder Warriors


Chewchit - El Presidente
2 Meters|Black and Brown Fur Coat|Large Spiked Club Slung on back| Tribal Pattern down right side of face. 106 Years of age.

Chewbev - Rebel
2.1 Meters| Brown Fur Coat |Arrows and Large Bow|207 Years of Age

Chalwarr - Recrow
2.3 Meters|Black Fur Coat|LeatherBelt with bowcaster hanging, and other items. 112 Years of age.

Spirit Talker

Rorwarr - Headcrabs
2.03 Meters|Brown Fur Coat|Leather Bag|Large Wooden Knife|225 Years of age.


Liakraoao - Recreas
Black Fur|LargeMetalWristBlades|300 Years Of Age|PaintedTribalMarkings

Hunter's Apprentice

225 Years Of Age|InsertFurColour|Insert Bowcaster/Blade|Insert TribalMarkings/Necklace/None

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Wookie Clan Roster
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